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Geri Horner ditches husband's name and reverts back to maiden name

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Geri Horner has returned to her maiden name in a recent video for the designer brand, Dior. This comes after her husband, Christian Horner, was embroiled in controversy when numerous messages he allegedly sent to a female colleague were leaked.Despite denying any allegations of misconduct, an internal investigation was launched into his supposed 'inappropriate behaviour'.Geri, 51, and millionaire Formula One Team Principal and CEO Christian, 50, have been married since 2015 and have a son together.

Over the weekend, Geri featured in a new campaign ahead of Dior's fashion show at Drummond Castle.In an Instagram video, she looked stunning in white and introduced herself as: "C'est moi Geri, Geri Halliwell ", which translates to "It's me Geri, Geri Halliwell".

She was then shown an exhibition from Dior's archives and expressed admiration for the designs from the French fashion house.

Loyal Geri supported Christian throughout the recent scandal and travelled to Bahrain ahead of the opening grand prix in the Gulf kingdom in March as the alleged flirty texts surfaced online to stand by him, reports the Mirror.

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