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Voicecaster Owner Reveals What Voice Actors Need to Be Successful: ‘It’s Not the Voice That Matters. It’s What You Can Do With It’

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Kelly Moscinski became the owner and head of casting at the Voicecaster, she had plans to become a psychiatrist. But while enrolled as a pre-med student at college, she discovered the theater department and, in her own words, “I knew my passions and my career path were shifting.” She swiftly changed her major to theater with a focus on directing, where she first began experiencing the world of voice acting through various productions and helping actor friends.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2009, open to several different career paths (she sent out over 350 letters and resumes) and was eventually hired at the Voicecaster as a casting assistant.

Within a year, Moscinski was a full-time VO casting director, audio engineer and demo producer. Then, in 2013, the owner came to her to say he was retiring and asked Moscinski to take over the company. “I said of course; less than 30 days later I took over,” reveals Moscinski. “And the rest is history.” Established in 1975, the Voicecaster is the oldest VO casting house in the U.S.

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