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‘The Smurfs’ License Holder IMPS Rebrands As Peyo Company & Unveils Expanded IP Drive – Annecy

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The Smurfs global license holder IMPS has announced it is rebranding as Peyo Company after the pen name of Belgian comic book artist Peyo, who created the iconic little blue creatures in the late 1950s.

The company also revealed it is embarking on a new strategy to expand The Smurfs franchise and revive other original creations from Peyo’s ‘Johan & Peewit’ and ‘Benny Breakiron’ comic books.

Set against the backdrop of Medieval Europe, the Johan & Peewit comic strip series was first published in 1946, and eventually generated 13 separate albums.

Peyo first introduced the Smurfs in a Johan & Peewit story called The Smurfs & the Magic Flute in 1958. Readers loved the characters so much that Peyo decided to create a spin-off dedicated to their adventures.

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