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The people of Oldham have reacted to Nigel Farage's comments - and haven't held back

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Nigel Farage made headlines earlier this week when he claimed there were streets in Oldham where nobody spoke the English language.

The comment was made during an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. The newly announced Reform UK leader was defending his previous claim made on Sky that there is a 'growing number of young people in this country who do not subscribe to British values', referring to Muslims, and pointed to the borough as an example.

Speaking to the BBC on Monday, he said: “I could take you to streets in Oldham where no-one speaks English... I have been there and even The Guardian agrees." Labour council leader Arooj Shah hit back at Farage’s comments describing them as ‘stupid and inaccurate as they are offensive.’ With the streets of Oldham being a hot topic, the Manchester Evening News headed to the town centre and the streets of nearby Glodwick to see how the people felt. 'READ MORE: You want to do more and to give your kids the life you want to – but you can't' Speaking to the M.E.N this week, local business owner Sarosh Rehman agreed with Ms Shah’s sentiments, dismissing Farage’s comments as ‘rubbish’.

Indeed, Sarosh, who has lived in the Glodwick community for over 20 years, feels it's the native languages of the large South Asian community in Oldham that are endangered. “I’m a grandmother, my grandkids don’t know my language, they only speak English," she exclaimed. "My kids speak English, I have no education from this country and even I speak English!

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