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‘The 8 Show’ started development before ‘Squid Game’, says series director

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The 8 Show director Han Jae-rim has revealed that the new K-drama series had started development before Squid Game, which it has been often compared to.In in a new interview with The Korea Times, The 8 Show director Han Jae-rim told that publication that he “understands” that the new Netflix K-drama had “started getting developed before [Squid Game]”.

He added that he thought twice about working on the series following the “explosive success” of Squid Game.Han later outlined what he believes are the differences between the two K-dramas, saying that they diverge “in terms of rules and conflicts”.

He added: “In Squid Game, someone else has to die, so I can live and the protagonist feels satisfaction as others get eliminated.

But in our work, no one should die, and everyone must survive together, which is the complete opposite.”In The 8 Show, eight participants are trapped in a strange eight-story building, where they’ll slowly earn money as time passes.

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