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Heartstopper stars join Celebrity Gogglebox for Pride special

Celebrity Gogglebox will air an episode to celebrate Pride with the cast of Netflix's LGBTQ+ show Heartstopper. Actors Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Yasmin Finney and William Gao – who play Nick, Charlie, Elle and Tao on the series, respectively – will join the show for a special airing tonight (July 1), sitting on their sofa and ready to dish on some telly.

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Naked Attraction's Anna Richardson cracks 'long time since she's had d**k' joke
Naked Attraction.The 51-year-old, who has refused to put a label on her own sexuality in the past but was in a long-term relationship with TV Sue Perkin's, made an unexpected quip about the male anatomy.During Thursday's Out And Proud show, Anna was shown in a throwback clip discussing "the D" with a past contestant.READ NEXT: Love Island's bombshell Charlie had sights set on 3 Islanders before entering villaA hopeful on the show, said: "If I could arrange the alphabet, I'd put the D in you," leaving the self-confessed virgin Raheem doing the picking gobsmacked.Looking puzzled Anna replied: "I don't even understand that."Dancer Raheem, repeated: "I'd put the D in you."Confused about what "the D" was, she quizzed: "What's that?""His penis," chirped back Raheem."But why is it the D?" Before the penny finally dropped and the Channel 4 star corrected: "Oh d***, it's been a long time."During the Pride special episode, Anna was catching up with some of the former stars of the programme to see how they were after their time on the show.Speaking with Raheem again, he explained that he hadn't yet lost his virginity and was still holding out for a special person.Sadly for Raheem, he wasn't so lucky with finding love during his former appearance on the Channel 4 dating show. On the date, Raheem's was told by his date: "I could not believe it when they said you were a virgin.
Naked Attraction singleton's 'balls tighten up' as date licks custard off their body
Naked Attraction singleton Hope makes her date's "balls tighten up" after she licks custard off their body.The wrestling fan, 25, from Birmingham, really wanted to try "sploshing" and incorporate food in the bedroom.So helpful host Anna Richardson decided to get her stuck in on the show and provided her with some custard to paint on her suitors.The self-declared "secret nerd" said: "I really want to try food I'd love to try custard."Within a blink, Anna plucked a pot of custard and told her to go and paint her dates.After she painted the yellow contestant and licked off the remains, Anna then said: "Yellow, your balls have definitely tightened up there!"As the programme continued, Hope revealed how she also likes to rub her partner's ear lobes as she goes to sleep - and proceeded to feel all of her naked date's ears.However, yellow was soon sent packing after she was able to see their faces, and claimed he look too much of a "good boy".Though he argued her point and said his friends "said otherwise".In other Naked Attraction news, singleton Haley revealed how she gets paid to orgasm every day at work.The TV contestant, 27, told TV host Anna Richardson that she was a professional sex toy tester at the high street's biggest industry retailer.The Plymouth-based sex toy tester said: "I get paid to have orgasms on a daily."I work for the biggest high street retailer of sex toys and I'm happy every day."She also shared that she has cerebral palsy and a lot of her dates ofter think that she can't feel her genitals.Hayley laughed: "A lot of people generally think I cant feel my clitoris...
Naked Attraction singleton cheekily admits she gets paid to orgasm every day at work
Naked Attraction singleton Haley revealed just how she gets paid to orgasm every day at work.The TV contestant, 27, told TV host Anna Richardson that she was a professional sex toy tester at the high street's biggest industry retailer.The Plymouth-based sex toy tester said: "I get paid to have orgasms on a daily."I work for the biggest high street retailer of sex toys and I'm happy every day."She also shared that she has cerebral palsy and a lot of her dates ofter think that she can't feel her genitals.Hayley laughed: "A lot of people generally think I cant feel my clitoris... If you're not hitting it, it's not my disability's fault."During the racy show, she also shared while pointing at a contestant: "I'm drawn to a chunky man, he likes a good time and I do too."The only thing I squat for is the champagne at the bottom of the shelf."This comes a week after host Anna Richardson was left speechless after hearing a rather gruesome sex tale.Contestant Iain revealed: "Yeah, well being a wrestler, there's a lot of power involved and this one time I was putting the power down and then slipped out."And for me, it was like punching a shark on the nose but it sort of bled after that."Anna then asked: "So, she had a vaginal tear?" Nude female contestants could be seen in the background wincing and holding their genitals at the mere thought.
Naked Attraction star says men 'shake penis to look bigger' in cold Channel 4 studio
Naked Attraction contest has said that men would "shake it to look bigger" and that they're "blasted with cold air" while standing starkers in the coloured pods.For those out of the know, Naked Attraction is a Channel 4 show that sees a slew of hopefuls strip down to nothing in order to show off their bodies in a bid to find love.Hosted by Anna Richardson, the popular programme has been a hit with viewers since it began in 2016.Contest Gavin, who recently appeared on the risqué programme, has opened up to iNews about his experience on show, while recalling how men would try to make their manhood appear to look bigger.He recalled how the pods were pretty hot because of the light that shines down, but producers had a nifty way of preventing the contestants from sweating."You were sweating because there was a light shining on you, but there was a draft so it was a bit cold, so there was quite a lot of shaking going on by the boys," he explained.Adding: "Whenever the camera wasn’t on, everyone was shaking themselves to try and make themselves look bigger."Before getting accepted onto the show Gavin went to Newcastle to get interviewed by "a camerawoman and a male interviewer" before he got a chance to take part in the popular Channel 4 programme.Gavin opened up and recalled how during the audition phase with the two people, he was asked to strip down completely before chatting about himself in the style of a pitch."It lasted about 45 minutes," he said, adding: "It wasn't so awkward, they made me feel at ease."Chatting about whether or not money changes hands, Gavin explained how if you appear on the show you won't receive a penny, but if you're a standby you'll get a healthy £75.He later explained that he believes it's "hard
Naked Attraction's Anna Richardson speechless as nude singleton shares gory sex disaster
Naked Attraction's Anna Richardson was left speechless after hearing a rather gruesome sex tale.The TV host was chatting to Iain, a wrestler, who was on the search to find a naked love match when he revealed the gory story.During the show, Anna asked: "Have you ever had any accidents in the bedroom?"To which Iain replied: "Yeah, well being a wrestler, there's a lot of power involved and this one time I was putting the power down and then slipped out."And for me, it was like punching a shark on the nose but it sort of bled after that."With her jaw to the floor, Anna then reacted by saying: "So, she had a vaginal tear?"Other nude contestants in the background could be seen wincing and holding their genitals at the mere thought.Looking rather proud, he confirmed: "Oh yeah."Anna then remarked: "Oh, Iain..."However, he was able to smooth over the accident by sending a kind gesture to his date afterwards to apologise for the matter.Iain quipped: "But it's ok because I sent her a Moonpig card to compensate."In further Naked Attractions news, X Factor legend Wagner, 66, revealed he had turned down an appearance on the Channel 4 show.Wagner, who starred in the 2010 series of X Factor, explained during a Daily Star Facebook Live tell-all that he was recently approached by producers to go on the programme.However, he immediately turned down the offer as it wasn't for him.Wagner also has a long-term Lydia, 30, the couple got together shortly after his X Factor stint when they met after a gig when she was just 19.The couple now share two young children together and have been together ever since. Talking to showbiz reporter Carly Hacon on a Daily Star tell-all, he said: "They invited me the other day to go on Naked Attraction.
Naked Attraction singleton admits she won't bed men with a penis under nine inches
Naked Attraction contestant revealed she would never sleep with a man with a small penis.The singleton told host Anna Richardson that it would enter "friend zone" territory if he had a smaller than nine-inch penis.On the show, the single lady was shown a selection of men who were keen on dating her.As the bottom halves of their bodies were revealed, Anna said: "There's quite the sausage selection."To which the singleton said: "Green, definitely tickling my fancy. Oh my goodness, that would make your eyes water."Naughty host Anna then asked the contestant what the biggest penis size she had ever sampled was."A good solid nine inches and girthy, I don't tend to do anything smaller than an iPhone otherwise it's a friend zone situation."Anna then asked her: "What kind of lover are you? Are you a good lover?"She answered: "I used to think so but my ex used to say I had all the sexual allure of a McDonald's drive-thru you just leave strangely unsatisfied."This comes after viewers were shocked after witnessing a contestant "deep-throat" a banana on TV.Leanne, 54, who was recently divorced appeared on the show and left fans gobsmacked after she suggestively suck a banana on the programme.While using a banana as a prop, the Australian former dentist instructed: "Keep playing with it very lightly, just sensing it, and then use your tongue like your fingers.
Naked Attraction star says losing virginity 'was fine' after graphic revelation
Naked Attraction viewers gushing after admitting he was a virgin but had some experience underneath the sheets.During his time on the risqué time on the Channel 4 programme, hosted by Anna Richardson admitted that while he hadn't had penetrative sex, he wasn't a complete novice.The romantic hopeful told host Anna that he had experienced "finger blasting" but hadn't gone the full way – until after he appeared on the programme.Josh, 20, admitted to being an "old romantic" before explaining that he "doesn't want his first time to be a cheeky smash and dash."Reflecting on his experience in the bedroom, he said: "I have kind of slept with a girl before, I did touch the vagina, didn't really give it a thorough inspection, I touched it, the old finger blaster went in."Dust off the finger blaster."However, years after appearing on the programme, Josh has confirmed he is no longer a virgin, admitting: "It was alright, it was fine."During the elimination round, Josh was faced with six naked vaginas, admitting he was completely blown away by what was in front of him.Anna had to give an in-depth explanation of what the vulva and labia majora was while Josh looked on with a perplexed look on his face.Fans instantly took to social media, with one saying: "Nothing wrong with being a virgin." A second added: "Poor josh has no idea #NakedAttraction.""YES!! Josh popped his [milk bottle emoji]," exclaimed a third.However, Josh wasn't overly impressed by the naked women in front of him, waving goodbye to one because of her tattoos.The third round saw one woman leave because she had short hair, while the fourth was turned down because she had a nose piercing.Josh even rejected Jess in the final round because she "didn't have a neutral
Naked Attraction hunk 'lured in' by neat vagina that has been 'jet washed'
Naked Attraction is known for raising a few eyebrows but romantic hopeful Adam didn't hold back as he praised one potential date for having a "neat vagina".Gym bunny Adam, 30, had been hoping to find his one true love on Channel 4's Naked Attraction, whittling down six women to two by inspecting their naked bodies.However, during the first round when all six vaginas were unveiled, Adam found himself lusting over one, in particular, admitting that it was the perfect vagina for him.While he may have been blown away by Green's clitoris and labia piercing that would have complimented his tongue piercing, Pink was the girl for him."It's the vagina that lured me in," he confessed to host Anna Richardson.The 30-year-old advertising executive went on to say: "It's very neat, it looks like it's been jetwashed."It's proper clean you know, it's had the whole valet, it's had the five star."Before Anna added: "It's had the five-star wax and polish."However, despite initially lusting over Pink, Adam decided to take Leanne (blue) out after choosing her in the final round.Things didn't exactly go to plan for Adam though after the 22-year-old had different plans when he asked what they should do after having a few drinks.Adam suggested he and Leanne "go somewhere and chill" but was speechless when she said she was going home to bed as she had work the next day."I'm a little bit sad but you can't win them all," he revealed.After their first date, the Naked Attraction crew caught up with Leanne and Adam who revealed that they were no longer in contact.Leanne suggested that the distance between the pair was the reason for not seeing one another again but Adam claimed he was "willing to travel".This, however, was not the reason, with Leanne
Naked Attraction turns cheeky as host refers to singleton's foreskin as a 'snood'
Naked Attraction presenter Anna Richardson is never one to mince her words and she certainly didn't hold back on an episode of her naked dating programme.When judging a new lineup of male genitalia, the TV host observed all six men in the lineup but thought one of their foreskins looked like a "snood".When talking about whether the female contestant preferred her men to have a foreskin or not, Anna referred to the red contestant's private parts' excess skin as lengthy and like a type of scarf.Anna said: "There is some length on the foreskin Are you ok with that? So that snood-y bit at the end doesn't bother you?"This comes a day after Anna was also left shocked after thinking she spotted 'j***' on the dating show.The TV star was left with her jaw dropped after she realised that 'pink' contestant had a genital piercing, after previously thinking it was bodily fluid on his penis.On the show, Anna could be heard saying: "Oh, I thought it was j***! I didn't realise."She then added: "Does it give a little bit of extra magic pink? Have you had some good feedback? No, not yet? Still time pink, still time..."Fans of the show were thrilled with its new series returning this year and love to share their comments on social media.This comes after Anna's Changing Rooms co-star said he would join her on the racy show.
Naked Attraction's Anna Richardson mortified by contestant's embarrassing sex blunder
Naked Attraction presenter Anna Richardson has seen plenty of rude moments during her time on the racy Channel 4 dating show.Her show sees love-hungry singletons picking partners based on their naked bodies alone, so she's arguably seen it all.However, the TV star was left cringing after one contestant told her about the time her father accidentally caught her having sex with a man, after walking in on her doing the explicit deed.The show returned to screens on Wednesday night (March 23), and it saw fun-loving Deanne from Somerset try her luck at finding love in the genital-bearing studio.Deanne confessed she was bad at flirting and was something of a "ladette" who needed a man to turn her into a lady.However, Anna paused the show when Deanne told her about the time her dad walked into the room when she was making love with a lad.Deanne said her immediate reaction to being exposed by her parent was to "play dead" on the bed, perhaps not the most water-tight plan.After hearing the tale, Anna said it must have been 'really embarrassing' experience for the guest.Later in the show, Deanne struggled to choose between two lucky blokes after getting her own kit off, as per the show's format.However, after deciding to go with 'her heart', she chose smiling hunk Lewis, and their date went so well that the pair ended up sleeping together.This is a live TV story and is constantly being updated.Please refresh the page regularly to get the latest TV updates.TV & Showbiz reporters are working to source the latest information, reaction, pictures and video related to this story.You can also follow us on Twitter @DailyStar, or follow us on Instagram @dailystar to get the latest TV and celeb gossip 24 hours a day.Or like our Daily Star