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Alastair Campbell promises no 'squabbles and shouting' on GMB as he replaces Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan's former role on Good Morning Britain this month, but has warned things will be a whole lot different with him at the helm.The 63-year-old made it quite clear that although he's up for some healthy debates on the ITV programme, he won't be participating in on-air "squabbles or shouting" matches with politicians.If his latest memoir is anything to go by, it's evident he isn't up for attempting to be "the next Piers Morgan" as he takes a seat next to Susanna Reid.As Tony Blair's former right-hand man, he is looking forward to challenging government politicians who have previously swerved appearing on the breakfast show.Writing for the Independent, Alastair said: "I am also looking forward to interviewing politicians on all

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