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I’m A Celeb’s Jill Scott will return to her regular job serving customers next week despite winning show

JILL Scott won't waste any time basking in her newfound fame after winning I'm A Celeb - she's going back to serving coffees. Jill is looking forward to getting back behind the counter of Boxx2Boxx coffee shop, which she co-owns with Shelly in Manchester, despite 12 million people casting votes to crown her Queen of the Jungle.

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Alex Scott hits out as she's called a hypocrite over armband 'Not trying to hide anything'
 Alex Scott, 38, has blasted one critic on Twitter today in view of her 400,100 followers after a journalist insinuated she was a hypocrite for choosing to wear a One Love armband live on the BBC.The star wore the One Love token in support of the LGBTQ+ community, even after the England team decided to do a U-turn on wearing the armbands for the World Cup.FIFA’s decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar has caused massive controversy this year due to the country’s alleged treatment of women, migrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Alex made her stance clear when she wore her One Love armband live while fronting the BBC's coverage of England's opening match in the World Cup on Monday, following the announcement that the Three Lions wouldn’t be making a statement during Qatar’s tournament. Journalist Kelvin MacKenzie took to Twitter today to accuse Alex of double standards over her defiant move. He wrote: “BBC commentator @AlexScott wanted to appear defiant by wearing the One Love armband in Qatar. READ MORE: “But on @GBNEWS @danwootton produced a photo showing her enjoying herself a few years ago in Dubai where being gay is illegal. “What no armband! Well, there weren't any BBC cameras,” he added in the thinly-veiled dig.“Is that the strongest thing you have to try and take me down?” Alex fired back with a laughing emoji. “If you go through my Instagram and Twitter I’ve not removed or trying to hide anything… “I’ve also travelled to Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda the list is all there for you to see,” she added with a GIF of Kamala Harris looking unimpressed.A number of Alex’s fans and followers also took to the comments section to defend her, with Shane writing: “Bizarre that you are getting abuse for doing what the
'Fear where there should be none' Fern Britton weighs into Fifa armband row after U-turn
Fern Britton, 65, is one of many who have weighed in on the controversy about wearing the OneLove armband at the World Cup in Qatar.The accessory is a gesture of solidarity within the LGBT community, in a country where homosexuality is punishable.Same-sex sexual activity is prohibited under the Penal Code 2004, which criminalises acts of 'sodomy' and 'sexual intercourse' between people of the same sex.For months, captains have said they would wear the band and were willing to pay a fine as a punishment if it came their way.However, in a turn of events, the likes of England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands today announced they had decided to backdown as the move could result in them not being able to play.The current FIFA equipment rules state that: "At FIFA tournaments, match staff must wear official clothing and equipment provided by FIFA, including FIFA event badges specified and provided by FIFA."Taking to Twitter, Fern voiced her thoughts on the matter.The author shared an article which had the headline, 'England and Wales decide not to wear OneLove armband at World Cup after FIFA threat'.In view of her 126,000 followers, she wrote: "Fear where there should be none."Many of her fans also weighed in on the controversy on her post.Jess Rocks wrote: "No there shouldn’t be, but the reality is this is the Middle East we are talking about... What did they expect Fern?"Mr Neale commented: "We should have boycotted the whole thing!"Pedro added: "Shame."The FA statement on Monday morning read: "FIFA has been very clear that it will impose sporting sanctions if our captains wear the armbands on the field of play.
‘Stop lying!’ Alex Scott blasts critics over Qatar World Cup role and tells them: ‘Do one'
Alex Scott, 38, blasted her critics on Twitter today in view of her 400,100 followers after she became fed up with comments about her role in covering the 2022 World Cup.The huge footballing event has caused massive controversy this year due to Qatar’s harsh treatment of women, migrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Yesterday, journalist Sophie Corcoran accused Alex of hypocrisy over her role in the Qatar World Cup.She tweeted: “Not too long ago Alex Scott was trying to accuse the England women’s team of structural racism and downplayed their victory due to there being too many white players. “Now she’s in Qatar - a country where gays, women and migrants have no rights.Talk about doing a 180.”Alex retaliated this morning, as many fans also rushed to defend the One Show favourite. She penned: “You are getting boring now with your tweets about me...  “My documentary The Future of the Woman’s Game touches on so many subjects ranging from media rights, diversity, maternity rights and highlights the growth of the game. “So stop with the lies and do one…” she added defiantly. have contacted Alex and Sophie for further comment. BBC pundit Alex recently revealed her reasons for choosing not to boycott the World Cup.Speaking on BBC Sport ahead of the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, she explained she believes boycotting would have actually been the “easy option”.She said: “I totally understand their reasons as well as a whole heap of fans from the LGBTQ+ community around the world not wanting to.“And once again we reference Gianni Infantino, you are not gay, you will not understand travelling to a country where you are fearing for your life about your preference of who you choose to love.”She
Jeremy Clarkson makes dig at Michaela Strachan's flight journey after climate change plea
Jeremy Clarkson, 62, had a few words to say about Michaela's trip from South Africa to the UK. The presenter has been living overseas since 2002 and flies from Cape Town to the UK to film the shows.For years, the 56-year-old has been an advocate for climate change and has urged the Government to get behind curbing the issue.During an episode of the show this week, Chris delivered a lecture about how moths had been affected by warmer weather.His words were picked up on by Jeremy, who shared his opinion in his latest column with The Sun.James Martin insists he has 'no interest' in marriage or kidsUnder the sub heading 'Plane stupid', he wrote: "Now that Sir Attenborough has finished his weekly lectures on climate change, the BBC global warming baton has been passed to Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan, who’ve spent the week in a wood, hosting Autumnwatch."On Thursday, Chris delivered a lecture about moths and how they are affected by warmer weather."And all I could think is how much cooler the planet would be if the producers didn’t have to fly Michaela to the wood from her home... in South Africa."It's not the first time Michaela has been criticised for her flight journey. Earlier this year, she hit back at viewers who said she couldn't claim to be green, when she flies from her home to the UK. Speaking to Platinum Magazine, she said: "People are so quick to point out people's negatives without supporting their positives."We've got solar panels [in our home], I don't drive an electric car because South Africa has an electricity crisis, but I have a Fiat 500 that's particularly good on fuel."I do not buy bottled water unless it's absolutely desperate, and I've been vegetarian since I was 18.Alex Scott unrecognisable in
Jay Blades avoids question on whether he'll work with King again after 'breaking protocol'
Jay Blades has refused to answer whether or not he will be working with King Charles III, 73, again, following their meeting on The Repair Shop earlier this year.The pair were set up to meet after the 52-year-old became a Building Crafts ambassador for the Prince's charity in 2020.King Charles, who was still the Prince of Wales at the time of filming, tasked the workshop team to help restore a couple of his items at Dumfries House in Scotland.Fans were quick to praise how well Jay and the now King got on, leaving many hopeful that the pair could reunite again. In a Q&A with his followers however, the furniture restorer remained tight-lipped about working with the monarch in the future.Jay told fans he wasn't sure if the royal would come back on the show, but refused to answer whether or not he'd personally work with him again.Alex Scott teases very racy sheer jumpsuit to film Graham Norton ShowAs many more of his followers joined the chat, he was asked the question again. "Erm, lets move on to another question," he said prompting his wife-to-be to swiftly go to the next one on his Instagram Live. Viewers did however notice that towards the end of the show, Jay said to Charles: "Don't be a stranger," as their meeting came to an end.Addressing the comment, the presenter laughed: "He said he won't be."While he remained quiet about a possible reunion, he went on to say that he liked the idea of the pair learning pottery together one day.Another viewer told Jay how the royal seemed to "genuinely" like him as their on-screen banter was praised.The BBC star thanked fans for their kind words and said the monarch was "a funny, down to earth guy". He went on to address whether or not he "broke royal protocol" by touching the royal
Angela Hartnett urges Government to 'batten down' and make change amid industry struggles
Covid-19 and currently, the rise of inflation.The 54-year-old said she had no trust in the leading party as she detailed how businesses have been suffering. Speaking exclusively to, she said: "I think what they need to do is basically come together and actually have a committee."We employ three million people, we're the third or fourth biggest industry in the UK and yet we don't have a voice in Government."So, we either need some sort of minister in hospitality or a sub minister to have a committee where you get every sector so, from the hotels, the restaurants or catering colleges, the whole lot."And I think that has not happened. If they were smart that's what they would do.Alex Scott teases very racy sheer jumpsuit to film Graham Norton Show"It's ridiculous the way it is at the moment because they're dealing with people's lives."Whatever they're going to do, stick with it, decide it and if she's [Lizz Truss] the one, just batten down and get on with the job."They're just making it all about themselves."Angela spoke out ahead of Liz Truss resigning after just 45 days in power this week. The ex Prime Minister has since been replaced by successor Rishi Sunak, who endorsed furlough in 2020.The scheme was designed to support employers to retain and continue to pay staff while businesses were closed.The chef said she counted herself "lucky" to have been able to keep her restaurants running during the pandemic by introducing a takeaway service."We had four businesses that were making no money for however many months and we've all been left with more debt than when we closed with," she explained."But, we got through it, we've still got all our businesses so we've been lucky.
Alex Scott admits drinking every night to block out pain after love life insight
“It’s like drink problem and alcohol has been huge in my life and here I was repeating those same patterns.“Drinking every night to switch off from the world after work.”Asked whether she wanted to switch off from her broadcasting job, Alex responded: “Yeah.To switch off from it all, switch off from just life, switch off from not talking to someone.“Don't want to speak because then I'd have to speak about emotions and the heaviness continues, right?“Like, if I don't speak about it, it's great it's going to go away, but it actually doesn’t. It just gets bigger and bigger.”Alex then explained she one day realised she couldn’t continue that way and decided to seek therapy.The candid conversation comes after Alex opened up about her secret long-term relationship with her Arsenal and England teammate, Kelly Smith, in her new memoir.In the book, the sportswoman revealed that she “fell madly in love” with her former teammate, Kelly, 43.Alex, who generally keeps her personal life private, has spoken candidly about their relationship, and subsequent heartbreak, for the first time.Speaking at the launch of How (Not) To Be Strong last month, Alex explained that she wanted to reveal that part of her life because it would have been “cheating” to leave it out. She also described Kelly as her “first love” and says their relationship was a “huge part of her life”.The pundit said, as reported by the Daily Mirror: “I went back and forth on whether I’d actually be writing the chapter.“But then it was one of those moments, I’m writing this book and I want to tell everything.
Piers Morgan claims Prince Harry was 'urged on by Meghan' to write book as he slams pair
Piers Morgan, 57, has hit out at Prince Harry, 38, for going ahead with releasing his book Spare as he claimed it could be down to his wife Meghan Markle, 41.The Duke of Sussex's memoir is said to include his full account behind his decision to give up royal duties and move to America for a new life.His memoir was due to be released this year, but was reportedly pushed back following the Queen's death.Despite the book not even hitting shelves yet, Piers has been very vocal about his thoughts on it in recent weeks.In his latest tweet, he wrote: "Imagine doing this to your family? Urged on by your wife who has already disowned her own family?"Then imagine having the brass neck to preach about ‘compassion’ and call yourself a ‘humanitarian’?"The journalist shared his opinion alongside the cover of Daily Mail's latest newspaper, in which they claim the royals are "dreading Harry's raw and unflinching book".Alex Scott teases very racy sheer jumpsuit to film Graham Norton ShowDespite the claims, Buckingham Palace is yet to comment on his memoir.Book publishers Random House have said of his book: "As [Princess] Diana, Princess of Wales, was laid to rest, billions wondered what the princes must be thinking and feeling - and how their lives would play out."For Harry, this is his story at last."They have also revealed that some of the proceeds from his book will go to charity.It's not the first time Piers has hit out at the royal. Earlier this month, he called for King Charles III to "strip" Harry and Meghan of their titles.Despite leaving the royal family in 2020, the pair still remain as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.The journalist tweeted: "Prince Privacy will hurl his latest torrent of malevolent money-making muck at the
Alex Scott 'escapes to the mountains' while reflecting on 'impact' of emotional memoir
Alex Scott, 38, let her barriers down in her memoir as she discussed her tough upbringing, admitting that How (Not) To Be Strong helped to bring "some peace" into her life.The BBC broadcaster has since "escaped to the mountains" to de-stress due to the book's "impact" on her own mental wellbeing.Alex took to Instagram earlier today to share her gratitude to her 1.7 million followers as her memoir became a Sunday Times bestseller.While thanking her fans, the BBC broadcaster also admitted on her Instagram stories that she was "escaping to the mountains" for a break.She wrote over an idyllic mountain snap: "@juicemasterretreats When I say I'm escaping to the mountains I'm not lying...."Alex also shared an insight to her feelings when she thanked her fans, as she penned: "My lil old book is a @sundaytimes best seller and I couldn’t be more proud.A post shared by Alex Scott MBE (@alexscott2)"However if I’m being honest I didn’t even think about the impact the book may have and didn’t think about what happens when it's actually out there in the world for you all to read."When I did an interview with @bbcwomanshour it occurred to me at that moment what I had to do (what I wanted to do) and that was to try and help other women/children in any way I can that are in (or have been) in the same position."Alex then admitted that she has since spoken to Refuge Charity to learn about what they do to "help women and children'' in similar situations, with all her book sales going to the cause.Her post continued: "My mum and I will work with the charity to help do all we can to continue to raise as much awareness on the subject of domestic abuse as possible."Thank you once again for all your amazing support over the last couple weeks.
Strictly's tensest moments - Shirley Ballas 'sexism', rivalries and fiery on-air rows
Strictly Come Dancing has delivered in providing TV audiences with Saturday night entertainment and some truly unforgettable performances and moments.First airing in 2004, the epic BBC competition seemed like a show like no other, with its jaw-dropping spectacles, impeccable wardrobes and witnessing a whole host of celebs - good or bad - take to the dance floor.Viewers can sometimes even forget that the show is a competition, and outside of its glitz and glam, there's no doubt unexpected rivalries, behind-the-scenes chaos, and ongoing feuds have led to some very intense moments.READ MORE: Strictly curse babies – Rachel Riley's sweet arrival, health woes and pregnancy rumoursDaily Star digs deep and takes a look at some of Strictly's most notorious bust-ups and vendettas over the show's 20 series.Strictly's head judge Shirley Ballas has hit back at allegations of sexism after saying she would have saved Richie Anderson over Fleur East in this years Strictly.The judge was hit with a wave of anger from fans over some of her comments about the female celebs, particularly of Ellie Taylor.Even pro dancer Nikita Kuzmin called out Shirley for her remarks, and some viewers even demanded Shirley be sacked.Taking to Twitter, She explained that while the nasty comments made her "resilient", a "wall goes up".Shirley insisted that she "doesn't have a mean bone in [her] body" and that her comments come from 45 years of experience in the tough dancing world." Gorka was fuming when he wasn’t given a celebrity partner in 2019 after winning with Katie Piper the year before.So, when footballer Alex Scott’s professional partner, Neil Jones, was injured in training, he was even madder when he wasn’t chosen to replace him.Instead, Strictly