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NewsNation White House Reporter Gets The Bird Before Live Standup

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White House reporter Kellie Meyer of NewsNation was ready to go on air from the White House. That’s when she was joined by an unexpected guest star.

A bird described as a white-winged dove dive-bombed Meyer, briefly landing on her head before flying away. The bird came up behind her, leaving Meyer wondering just what was going on atop her head.

Meyer realized there was a problem, yelling out, “Oh my god, it landed on me!” She then gathered herself, telling producers, “Yeah, I’m OK.” She later tweeted the story to her followers. “GUYS.

I know there was a lot of news today but a bird landed on my head at the White House right before I went live with @LelandVittert @NewsNation,” she tweeted. “He really just wanted to tune in.

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