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James Corden says everyone thinks he was fired from US talk show

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James Corden has shared that upon return to the UK, some people struggled to believe he wasn’t fired from his previous role of chat show host.The Gavin & Stacey star recently moved back to England after spending several years living in Los Angeles, hosting his own late night talk show with the network CBS titled The Late Late Show With James Corden.

It ran from 2015 to 2023.Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Corden opened up about the adjustments of moving back to the UK, the play in which he has been starring, and the welcome he received upon his return home.When asked if people in London are welcoming Corden back and whether they “reclaim [him] warmly”, Corden laughed before sharing: “Yeah I mean, people are very nice.”He shared that the reasons behind his exit from the successful talk show are still unclear to some: “No one believes that I wasn’t fired.”He explained that people will ask him why he came back and he’ll respond: “Well Max [his son] has finished sixth grade, and we really wanted him to have a relationship with his grandparents”.He then added that people “honestly” respond: “You don’t have to give me that bullshit.

It’s fine mate, you got fired. You got fired.”The Trolls star continued: “Nobody thinks that you would ever leave what is, let’s be honest, a cushy existence.”Kimmel then suggested that Corden could obtain a letter of proof from CBS to detail the reasons behind his exit, to which Corden responded: “I would except they don’t know what CBS is.

So they’ll go, ‘Well that’s not a real thing.’ And then I have to tell them what the show was.”“And then they’ll go, ‘Hang on, it was on at 12:30 at night, that’s a ridiculous time to put a TV show on’.”Elsewhere in the interview he shared details of the play.

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