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IATSE Plans To Use Daytime Emmys As “Organizing Target” For Employing Non-Union Crew

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EXCLUSIVE: A day after IATSE and the studios failed to make a deal on a new Basic Agreement, the Daytime Emmys find themselves in the labor spotlight.

Deadline has learned that Friday night’s Daytime Emmy awards has become an “organizing target” for the union, because a significant portion of the show’s crew are non-union.

It’s understood that NATAS hired a company to produce the show on a lean budget; sponsorships help to cover costs. “Our industry is really good at recognizing the value that artists and technicians bring.

It’s that work that makes shows like the Daytime Emmy Awards possible,” an IATSE spokesperson said in a statement to Deadline. “The IA is disappointed that the production team elected to do this non-union, and we are hopeful that we can reach an agreement…” The statement continues: “Healthcare and retirement benefits are key to craft and technical workers, and this production is no different.

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