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Harrison Butker Didn't Come Out As Misogynist Just Now -- He Gave A Similar Speech Last Year At Another College!

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Harrison Butker has been spreading his misogynistic ideology for a LONG time! This wasn’t even his first sexist graduation speech!!

It turns out the Kansas City Chiefs star’s commencement speech at Benedictine College earlier this week wasn’t the only time he’s urged college grads to care more about relationships than their careers!

He actually gave a very similar speech to Georgia Tech last May! In the resurfaced talk at his alma mater, the 28-year-old NFL star reflected on how there is a “sense of loneliness, anxiety, and depression” plaguing young people post-COVID “despite technology that has connected us more than ever before.” His one self-proclaimed “controversial antidote” to this??

He said to, “get married and start a family.” Oh, boy… Related: Chiefs Star Telling Women To Be Homemakers?! His Mom Is A PHYSICIST! Surprisingly, Harrison actually earned some cheers from the crowd after making that declaration.

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