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Don’t Forget About: ‘Minx’ This Emmys Season (Even If It Was Canceled)

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Jenelle Riley Deputy Awards and Features Editor It’s been an emotional roller coaster for fansof “Minx,” the 1970s-set comedy about the ragtag band of misfits who put together the first erotica magazine for women — complete with full frontal male nudity.

The Ellen Rappaport-created show premiered on HBO Max in March 2022 and was promptly picked up for a second season. Then the streamer reversed that choice, leaving a completed second season without a home — until Starz stepped in.

The reprieve was short-lived as Starz also canceled the show, effectively ending the series run on a high note — but one that still felt unjustly premature. “I think we’ve come to the end of that road,” says Ophelia Lovibond, who played the titular magazine’s editor, Joyce Prigger. “Unless you hear different — in which case, sign me up!” If there’s any justice to be gleaned, it’s that the second season — which began airing in July 2023 — is eligible for Emmys this year in the comedy category.

That includes its wildly talented ensemble, led by Lovibond as the brilliant but fallible Joyce. Perhaps best-known for her role as Sherlock Holmes’ protégé Kitty Winter in “Elementary,” Lovibond was always endearing and relatable, even when her character could be, in her own words, “a bit of a bossy boots and a know-it-all.” Though Joyce is truly trying to further her cause and empower women, she is not without her own blind spots, often being self-absorbed and stub- born.

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