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Chef shares mashed potatoes hack for creamy texture without boiling them in water

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A popular cook has shared the ultimate secret to creamy mashed potatoes - and it doesn't involve boiling the spuds in water.Mashed potatoes are widely regarded as a comfort food for many, as well as it being a popular side dish for a Sunday dinner.

However, it is difficult to get the perfect creamy texture, and lots of us end up accepting sub-par spuds for our dinner.Now, one chef has said that while this is a simple mistake to make, there is one easy fix that people can use to make the perfect mashed potatoes - and it involves an unusual hack, The Express reports.Rosemary Gill has revealed her top tip for creating light, fluffy mash, and you don’t need to be experienced to execute the hack.The director of education at the Boston-based Milk Street Cooking School has shared plenty of chef tips on TikTok, as she teaches eager cooking beginners across the world how to get it right.In a recent clip on the school’s TikTok channel @177milkstreet, Rosemary shared the unusual hack to make mashed potatoes as creamy as they can be.In a helpful video, she explained: "Simmer your mashed potatoes in milk, not water, potatoes are like paste, they release starches into their cooking liquid."That becomes liquid gold - allowing us to get lush, silky, creamy, mashed potatoes."When you throw out water that you cook your potatoes in, you throw all the starch down the drain, so you’re wasting it."The milk becomes our cooking liquid, and a replacement for heavy cream."Rosemary also noted that you can clean up your mashed potato dishes quickly, if you just mash the spuds inside the pot instead of using another bowl that is not needed.Followers of the TikTok were obsessed with the hack, as people called Rosemary a "damn genius" for her smart

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