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Celine Dion Says Singing with Stiff-Person Syndrome is 'Like Somebody's Strangling You' - Watch Now

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Celine Dion is sitting down for a very rare interview. On Friday (June 7), NBC debuted a teaser for the 56-year-old “My Heart Will Go On” singer’s upcoming interview with Today‘s Hoda Kotb in what will be her first televised interview since revealing her Stiff-Person Syndrome diagnosis back in 2022.

In the clip, Celine detailed the impact the health condition has had on her voice. Keep reading to find out more…“It’s like somebody is strangling you.

It’s like somebody is pushing your larynx/pharynx,” Celine said while raising her voice to demonstrate the effect. “It was like talking like that, and you cannot go high or lower.” “It gets into a spasm,” Celine explained. “It started [in the throat]. [And I thought], ‘No, okay, it’s gonna be fine.’ But it can also be the abdominal, can be in the spine, can be in the ribs.” Celine went on to say that the stiffness can sometimes feel like she’s locked into place. “It feels like, if I point my feet, they will stay in [that position],” Celine detailed. “Or, if I cook — because I love to cook — my fingers, my hands, will get in position…It’s cramping but it’s like in a position where you cannot unlock them.” She continued, “I have broken ribs at one point because sometimes when its very severe, it can break.” Back in April, Celine was on the cover of Vogue France and opened up about her condition, how she’s doing and whether or not she would ever go on tour again. Celine‘s full interview with Hoda will air on NBC on Tuesday, June 11 at 10pm ET.

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