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Battery phone case perfect for Taylor Swift Eras Tour and other concerts

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Taylor Swift is coming to the UK - and soon she will land on Scottish soil.Whether you are going with your friends, family or making it a solo gig, it's always good to have a backup battery with you should your phone run out.

Not only will you need it for all the pictures and videos, you'll need it to get home - and it's expected to be pretty busy.But before you rush to buy a charger, there's rules in place you need to stick to.

According to the venue, you need to stick to a certain size or risk getting it confiscated.As reported by us this week, they have the following rule in place for banned items: "Audio or recording equipment including professional/commercial cameras, gopros, tablets, laptops, audio recorders, tripods, selfie sticks, drones and power banks larger than a mobile phone." Pick up your limited edition Taylor Swift OK!

glossy magazine here. One great option to choose from is this Battery Phone Case for iPhones by Feob. Costing £26.95, there is currently an offer for 10 percent off, bringing it down to £24.25 - and every little helps.Coming in the colours blue and black, the charger can save you space, lighten the load so you're not carrying around anything heavy or bulky.Equipped with a powerful 10800 mAh lithium polymer battery chip, the Feob Battery Phone Case for iPhone protects your iPhone from daily use.

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