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Writers Guild Of Great Britain Calls For Legislation On Residuals, Royalties & An End To “Exploitative Practices” In Election Manifesto

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Residuals, royalties and an end to “exploitative practices” should be enshrined into UK law, according to the Writers Guild of Great Britain (WGGB), which has issued a manifesto for the incoming government.

Alongside demands around AI and fair treatment, the WGGB’s ‘Putting Writers at the Heart of the Story’ document called for “an end to ‘in-perpetuity buy-out’ clauses and other exploitative practices, through legislation that requires fair remuneration for creators including royalties and residuals.” The document comes a few months after the U.S.

Writers Guild secured improved streaming residuals as part of its high-profile deal with the AMPTP. In the UK, however, Deadline revealed that Doctor Who had shifted away from a residual model for its writers after Disney+ came on board.

Since then, the WGGB in the UK has struck a first-of-its-kind deal over live-action scripted series with Netflix, along with landing a 10% pay rise and improved residuals with the BBC.

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