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Love Island star calls for permanent nut ban on planes after 'nearly dying' following severe allergic reaction

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Love Island's Jack Fowler has called for airlines to ban nuts after suffering a terrifying allergic reaction mid-flight.The 28 year old TV star, who is severely allergic to nuts, needed urgent medical attention upon arriving in Dubai when he went into anaphylactic shock after eating airplane food that contained cashews.

Despite alerting the flight crew twice about his life-threatening condition, he was served a meal that put him in danger. Recounting the terrifying ordeal to his Instagram followers, he explained how even after being extra cautious, he was given a chicken curry aboard his flight that unknowingly put him at risk.

His situation became critical, necessitating the use of an epi-pen and five tanks of oxygen to stabilise him following the reaction.

Jack opened up further during an interview on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, 19 June. While recounting his near-death experience, he questioned the airline protocols, saying: "I really honestly trusted them and started to eat what I thought was something safe and it actually contained the one thing that I really couldn't have and that was cashew nuts, which is the worst nut for me." Describing the moment he realised the allergy was triggered, he said: "Straight away I knew, my throat was closing up, I couldn't breathe and it was extremely scary for me.

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