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‘Trash Mountain’: Lilly Wachowski To Make Her Solo Feature Directorial Debut With New Comedy Starring Caleb Hearon

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The Wachowskis are seemingly no longer interested in working as a filmmaking duo. We’ve known this for a while, as Lana Wachowski went off and made the most recent ‘Matrix’ film on her own, while Lilly Wachowski worked on the acclaimed TV series “Work in Progress.” So, it’s still a little strange to see them working apart, but apparently, it’s time for Lilly to make her own feature film titled “Trash Mountain.” READ MORE: Lilly Wachowski Found The Idea Of Returning To Direct ‘Matrix 4’ “Expressly Unappealing” According to Collider, Lilly Wachowski is set to direct a comedy film, “Trash Mountain.” The film comes from the mind of comedian Caleb Hearon, who co-wrote the script alongside Ruby Caster and is set to star in the movie.

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