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The best times to buy cheap flights as booking too early can cost you more

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If you're daydreaming about taking a sun holiday, travel experts have explained when tourists can get the best deal.The beginning of March means that winter almost behind us, but many may be weary about booking plane tickets as costs have jumped in the past year.

Travel search engine Kayak reports that summer flights between the UK and Europe are now 32 per cent more expensive than last year, with an average cost of £237 (€271) compared to £180 (€206).With that in mind, economist Hayley Berg of Hopper has shared some expert tips to boost your chances of getting cheap flights.

According to the travel expert, those hoping to take off in March, June and July should start tracking flights now, reports the Mirror.However, while waiting too long to book a flight can push the chance of a higher price, this can also happen when they are booked too early.

Scott Keyes, founder of travel site Going, calls the sweet spot in the middle the "Goldilocks window", CNN reported.For short haul flights, this window is likely to stretch from three months to one before take off.

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