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‘Reacher’ star Alan Ritchson attempted suicide after sexual assaults: Vision of sons saved me

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“Reacher” star Alan Ritchson got candid in a new interview about past sexual assaults he experienced while working as a model.“There are very few redeeming qualities to working in that industry.

Let’s be honest, it’s like legalized sex trafficking,” Ritchson, 41, said in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which was published on Wednesday. “The industry is not regulated, and it’s a widely known secret that if you’re hired on a job, you’re basically being passed off to a photographer to be trafficked.”“The number of times and situations where I was put in horrific environments where sexual abuse was the goal and the paycheck that you were desperate for in order to survive was the carrot, I can’t count on two hands,” he went on. “You’re always dancing around this very terrible line of, ‘How do I keep the job and not completely offend this photographer or this agent or whoever set this thing up, and how do I not get raped?’ I completely empathize with women who deal with dynamic power struggles with predatory people in the workplace.”“It’s still unfair, but if I really had to, I could get myself out of whatever room I was in through a physical altercation.

Most women don’t have that option. Imagine how terrifying it must be.”Ritchson modeled for brands such as JC Penney and Calvin Klein.

He eventually quit the business after being sexually assaulted by a “very famous photographer.”“I was sent into a hotel room to do nudes with the promise that if I did the shoot, he would offer me a very lucrative campaign for a magazine and a clothing line.

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