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King Charles’ other alleged mistress — Lady Dale Tryon’s heartbreaking life
had a longtime affair with Camilla Parker Bowles — now Queen.Despite those two very significant relationships, Charles also allegedly had another rendezvous: with Lady Dale “Kanga” Tryon.While not much has been written about Lady Tryon, she made a name for herself in royal social circles through her work as a fashion designer.Charles — who gave the socialite the nickname “Kanga” due to her Australian roots — once called her “the only woman who ever really understood me.”She was thought to be one of the first gals to sleep with Charles — before his high-profile associations with Camilla, 75, and Diana. He became pals with Dale when she married Anthony Tyron, 3rd Baron Tryon, in 1973.The Baron had been a part of then-Prince Charles’ in-crowd, and Dale got to know the royal more intimately through her spouse.However, she had actually crossed paths with Charles for the first time back in 1966 — when she met him at a school dance in Victoria, Melbourne, where she grew up.But before dipping her toes into the world of tiaras and gold, Dale made the grand move to the United Kingdom from the land down under so she could work on her couture label in 1972 — just a year before her wedding.