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Queen's sister blasted Sarah Ferguson's toe sucking antic for bringing 'shame on family'

Royal Family was less than thrilled over Sarah Ferguson's toe sucking antics, with the bizarre incident blasted by the Queen's sister.The late Princess Margaret believed the incident had brought "shame" on the family after the "disgraceful photographs" that showed Ferguson having her feet kissed by John Bryan.Horrified royals were left stunned by the event that caused quite the stir at the time, with Ferguson and at-the-time husband Prince Andrew announcing their separation in July 1992.READ MORE: Meghan 'did make Kate cry in brutal bridesmaid row before wedding' insists tell-all bookPrince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson would have celebrated their 36-year wedding anniversary on July 23, but instead the notorious toe-sucking incident that horrified Prince Margaret takes centre stage.In a letter Princess Margaret had written to Sarah Ferguson in response to a bundle of flowers sent to the royal, a series of cut-throat blowouts were seen.The late Princess Margaret had written: "You have done more to bring shame on the family than could ever have been imagined."Not once have you hung your head in embarrassment even for a minute at those disgraceful photographs."But the shame and embarrassment went further than that for Princess Margaret, who scolded Ferguson for having dared to send flowers to her and the family. Her fuming letter continued: "Clearly you have never considered the damage you are causing us all.

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Queen's great-nephew dubbed 'royal stud' after fans go wild over marine's topless photos
Queen’s great-nephew has been getting people hot under the collar with his shirtless photos, despite the royal deleting his Instagram account.Arthur Chatto, who is the grandson of the Queen’s late sister Princess Margaret, is a muscular fitness fanatic who now serves with the Royal Marines.The 23-year-old had people swooning with topless photos and training videos on Instagram but the young royal deleted the account last year.Despite his already growing number of supporters being disappointed by the decisions, Arthur’s fans have set up accounts dedicated to photos displaying his impressive physique.From photos of him topless at the beach to doing pull-ups and rowing, while all displaying his abs.Already attracted thousands of followers on multiple accounts, as his fans demand more pics including “pics of him flexing”.One fan said “I love his body” as another called him a “royal stud.”A royal fan account posted a topless photo of Arthur and claimed: “Art Chatto used to post a lot of ~racy~ stuff on Instagram but apparently royal courtiers weren’t really happy about it, so he had to take them down.”According to Heartworld, before his Instagram was deleted, Arthur even had some fans asking to marry him.Arthur is a fitness fanatic and became a personal trainer for BoundFitness Gym in Edinburgh during his studies at University.He also went off on a fundraising challenge by rowing 2,000 miles around the UK with friends before officially joining The Royal Marines.Speaking to the Mirror, an insider said: "Arthur Chatto has been accepted to train as an officer in the Royal Marines.
Queen's heartbreaking final moment with father she never knew would be their last
Queen’s final moment with her father, King George VI, was spent on the tarmac of London Airport as he wished her well on her trip around the Commonwealth.Prince Philip and the Queen, who was known as Princess Elizabeth, were boarding a flight to tour the likes of Australia, New Zealand and Kenya due to the King not being well enough to travel.King George VI was seen watching on as his oldest daughter boarded the place, but the Queen had no idea that would be the last time they would see each other on January 31 in 1952.The Queen’s parents, including the then-Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Margaret also boarded the plane to say their farewells before returning to the tarmac and watching the take off from a rooftop.His Majesty had been suffering from illness after previously undergoing surgery for lung cancer, but the Royal Family had no idea his health would deteriorate in the days to come.The goodbye to the Queen also marked the last time King George VI would be seen in public.The Queen, who was 25 at the time, left the UK that day to return as Queen Elizabeth II.Philip and the Queen were one of the last people in the world to hear about the death of the King, having been in Kenya at the time.They were staying at a remote treehouse in Aberdare National Park and were unable to be reached with the news immediately.The Queen’s private secretary, Martin Charteris, heard the news first as he was having a drink at a restaurant in a nearby town.A writer approached him regarding the news and saw him return to the lodge.The Duke of Edinburgh was motioned out of the room as they secretly turned on the radio to get confirmation.The quick actions allowed Philip to be the one to break the sad news to his wife as they walked alone in