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'My birth was traumatic - he was 12 weeks early, I was so panicked' reveals Hollie Wright

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Josh and Hollie Wright have opened up about the birth of their son who was born 12 weeks early and was "whisked away after 30 seconds" to receive urgent care.The brother of TOWIE star Mark Wright, Josh, 34, has two children, Josh Jr, 20 months, and Dustin, 9 months with his wife Hollie.Their youngest son was born 28 weeks prematurely which meant he had to spend eight weeks in the NICU unit at their local hospital in Essex before he could go home.

For World Prematurity Day on Friday 17 November, the proud parents spoke exclusively to OK! about their son's premature birth which they said felt like a "film scene" and was "very traumatic".

Josh and Hollie welcomed their first child Josh Jr on 22 February 2022 and almost a year later welcomed their second son, Dustin who was born 12 weeks prematurely, at just 28 weeks on February 11, 2023.

The doting father explained that it all started when they went for a walk on Monday and Hollie was getting a "mild discomfort" but still had "no idea" about what was happening, assuming it was Braxton Hicks - these can be known as 'false labour pains'.Two days later, Hollie woke up in "so much pain" which is when they thought "This could be it".They went to hospital on Wednesday when Hollie was 27 weeks pregnant and found out she was five centimetres dilated, "it was a big panic, a worry and a crazy time that's out of your control, we had no idea that was would happen." Josh continued: "I'm obviously there as a father trying to protect Hollie because she's in so much pain and discomfort, but the hospital warned me that it's so important and vital that we get Hollie to try and hang out until 28 weeks before giving birth".This is important for a variety of reasons and to help the baby's.

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