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María Becerra: A journey into the true self of a woman born to succeed

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María Becerra. According to data from Spotify, among the current most listened artists in the country are María, Nathy Peluso, Emilia, Tini, Nicki Nicole, and Lali Espósito.

These are not isolated milestones; women are taking over the music industry.María de los Ángeles Becerra (her given name) managed to make history in her native country by becoming the first Argentinian woman, alone, to sell out River’s iconic Monumental stadium last March.

Who would have thought that at 24 years old, the girl who started as a YouTuber has turned into one of the top musical acts, and continues to be one of the youngest musicians with the greatest international projection.

Within the framework of her incredible success, we talked about her fascinating rise to stardom and we came across a very focused, kind, humble person with a charisma that disarms anyone.The so-called “Nena de Argentina” spoke to us about her beginnings, her childhood – which she remembers especially during her school years as a shy girl – and her notion of what they call fame which she avoids, as she considers that it does not suit her.

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