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Lauren Sánchez unveils sneak peek of debut children’s book, ‘The Fly Who Flew to Space’

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Lauren Sánchez is now part of the literary world after releasing her debut children’s book, “The Fly Who Flew to Space.” The book hits shelves on Tuesday, September 10th, 2024, and promises to take young readers on a captivating space adventure that blends imagination, education, and environmental awareness.In an exclusive reveal, video footage captures when Sánchez opens her book for the first time, offering a heartfelt glimpse into her new literary venture. “Such a surreal feeling to hold this book in my hands for the first time!! @raleighstewart (the incredible talent behind the illustrations) and I can’t wait for you all to read @theflywhoflew,” Lauren wrote.A post shared by Lauren Sanchez (@laurenwsanchez)“The Fly Who Flew to Space” follows the story of Flynn the Fly, an adventurous and curious little insect who dreams of something bigger.

Flynn finds himself aboard a rocket ship through a twist of fate, embarking on an unexpected journey into the cosmos. As Flynn navigates the vastness of space, he learns valuable lessons about Earth, conservation, and the boundless possibilities that come with curiosity and courage.7 things you should know about Lauren SanchezLauren Sanchez shares the cover of her children’s bookLauren Sánchez’s dyslexia diagnosis ultimately led her to write a kid’s bookThe book’s vibrant illustrations, crafted by Clio-award-winning artist Raleigh Stewart, bring Flynn’s interstellar adventures to life.

Each page is a feast for the eyes, with intricate details that captivate children and adults alike. Stewart’s artwork perfectly complements Sánchez’s engaging narrative, making it a visual and literary delight.Lauren Sánchez’s debut book is more than just a story; it’s an educational tool designed.

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