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‘Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver Congratulates Writers For Fair Deal, Hopes Actors & Crews Also Get A “Piece Of The Pie”

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“We missed so much [during the last five months] that it would take a whole new version of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire to cover it,” said John Oliver as he returned to the Last Week Tonight desk.

Oliver has been dark since the beginning of May when the Writers Guild of America (WGA). He opened his HBO show by covering the last five months of stories.

He covered Senator John Kennedy’s cringe-worthy reading from All Boys Aren’t Blue during a book-banning Senate Judiciary Committee hearing (see below), Lauren Boebert’s inappropriate over-the-clothes romp during the touring production of Beetlejuice and his own Reddit drama, where users shared weird photos of Oliver, including one of him as John Wick, as a result of changes to the platform’s rules.

While the main crux of the show featured the problem with health care in prisons, including a gag involving old people having sex and The Golden Bachelor, he spent a big chunk of time talking about the writers strike. “I’d have loved to have covered all of these stories back when they originally happened.

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