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Kristen Bell reveals she made husband Dax Shepard suck the clogs out of her milk ducts while breastfeeding

supports HTML5 videoKristen Bell has claimed she’s ‘never been more in love’ with her husband Dax Shepard than when he helped to unclog her milk duct while she was breastfeeding.The 41-year-old shares two daughters with her husband, eight-year-old Lincoln and six-year-old Delta, and the Frozen star revealed how the CHiPs star helped to relieve a blocked milk duct by sucking it out of her breast.Speaking to Katie Lowes during her Momsplaining segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Good Place actress rewatched a 2018 clip in which she discussed the moment.‘I said to my husband, “I just need you to suck this out”,’ she said at the time. ””We could talk about it.

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