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Justine Bateman rips AI use in Hollywood, says technology is 'getting away from being human'

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Not just anyone or anything can make it in Hollywood, according to Justine Bateman. The former "Family Ties" actress and accredited director is adamant artificial intelligence should not have its shot. "I think AI has no place in Hollywood at all.To me, tech should solve problems that humans have," Batemen told Fox News Digital. "Using ChatGPT or any … software that's using AI to write screenplays, using that in place of a writer is not solving a problem.

We don't have a lack of writers. We don't have a lack of actors. We don't have a lack of directors. We don't have a lack of talented people." Bateman's comments come amid the Hollywood writers' strike, with AI being one of the many concerns.

Bateman says the convergence of artificial intelligence and the entertainment industry is negatively impacting human nature. "The use of AI makes me sad because I feel like it's … getting away from being human," she explained. "But we've been doing a lot of that, right?

Plastic surgery. Filters. Doing things over Zoom instead of in person. But the idea that somebody would use AI to replace human expression, I think, is the saddest thing to me.  "I think AI has no place in Hollywood at all.To me, tech should solve problems that humans have." — Justine Bateman "To ask a computer programmer … to write a letter that you wanted to write or to write an essay for you or to write a script for you is just like, 'Wow, that's so much a part of being a human, is to express yourself through writing or artwork or whatever it is. … That's the saddest thing to me is … just people pulling away from being human." Bateman also believes that AI poses a monetary concern, one rooted in greed.

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