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'I'm a mum - but my kids don't learn to swim or wear shoes - they hike barefoot'

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family's rural lifestyle.Alex Tucker, 25, has introduced several "controversial" rules for parenting her toddlers, Berkley, two, and Freya, one.Unlike most children, the toddlers don't use high chairs or prams and she doesn't push them into partaking in any form of structured play time. READ TIME: Brit mum, 42, jets off to Bali for solo holiday 'to teach kids vital lesson'In addition her children don't go to day-care, with Alex opting to bring them to work on the boat with her and her boyfriend Paul instead.Sometimes the couple even sack off going to work to look after the little ones.

The rural mum refuses to teach her children to swim, despite living on the waterfront, and the kids don't even wear shoes.They roam and go barefoot, which may seem very untraditional to a lot of other parents.

Alex shared her rules online, and has since received plenty of criticism from other parents, with one commenting that social services should be called.Despite the backlash, she's defended her position by claiming shoes distort feet shape and prams and high chairs are not essential to their way of living.Defending her choice not to give them swimming lessons, she said they would encourage her water-fearful kids to get into dangerous water to swim.Alex, who works in the fishing industry with her boyfriend Paul, and lives on the Hawkesbury river in New South Wales, said: "I'm not bothered by people who don't agree with my 'controversial' rules."Mothers are criticised no matter what they do, and especially online."That’s why it’s important to share the 'controversial' things."I'm opening the conversation for everyone to start thinking outside the box before straight up criticising someone’s parenting when they don’t know how different.

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