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Demi Moore Reflects on the Evolution of Ageism for Women in Hollywood: ‘There Was Shame Attached to Being Sexual’

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Emily Longeretta In the ’70s, socialite Ann Woodward lived an afflicted life. That’s one of the first things Demi Moore learned about the former showgirl and model when tasked with portraying her for FX’s “Feud: Capote vs.

the Swans.” Creator Ryan Murphy had called with the offer and before Moore read anything, she told him, “Whatever it is, I’ll do it.” And she never looked back.

Moore first dove into Laurence Leamer’s 2023 book that the series was based on to learn more about Woodward, determined to make sure her portrayal was accurate — and that she knew what really happened.

In 1955, Woodward shot and killed her husband after thinking he was a burglar. The jury ruled the death an accident, but the speculation over whether that was true, along with the ostracism it triggered, tormented her every day. “Was it an accident, or was it murder?

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