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Biggest Neighbours scandals - racism allegations, boob job and drug drama

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Neighbours has been a fan favourite since it first aired in 1985. Set in Melbourne, Australia, the show quickly gathered viewers from all over the globe.Following its instant success, the TV show became the longest-running drama series in Australian history - and is still going strong today.Ramsay Street has delivered some absolute icons over the years, including fan favourites like Sonya Rebecchi, Nicolette Stone and Charlene Robinson.But as fans constantly keep up to date with ever-evolving drama, many don’t know that there was drama behind the scenes too - and much of it was a lot more sinister.Let’s take a look at the scandals that the actors were involved in while they played happy families, or happy neighbours, on our television screens.Just last year, allegations emerged about racism behind the scenes of Neighbours, when Aboriginal actress Shareena Clanton spoke out.The actress, whose first episode had just aired, claimed that she was a victim of racially abusive language by members of the cast and crew.She told in an expose that she heard the N-word be used multiple times on set and that there was an incident in which a fellow actor used the term ‘monkey’ when describing someone.

Shareena said in an Instagram post at the time: Struggling to post anything positive about the months I endured on @neighbours after multiple racist traumas and navigating ongoing counselling from this highly problematic show. “It’s been lonely, triggering and traumatising to work in such a culturally unsafe space.”She continued: “Overt and covert levels of racism were rife, often disguised as “jokes” like a white actress openly calling another actress of colour a 'lil’ monkey”.“Twice I endured the “N”-word openly being used on-set and.

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