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BBC EastEnders fans left confused by George Knight and Junior storyline as real age gap revealed

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EastEnders' George Knight and his son Junior Knight have left fans scratching their heads over their onscreen and offscreen ages.The BBC soap recently introduced actor Micah Balfour as Junior, the estranged eldest son of Colin Salmon's character George.

He made his first appearance this week in a dramatic twist, reuniting the father and son after years apart. While some viewers were thrilled with the news and the casting of the role, others suggested that there wasn't a significant enough age gap between the actors.

Despite Colin being nearly 20 years older than Micah, confusion about the characters' ages had some fans questioning how old Junior was supposed to be.

Colin is believed to have been born in 1961, which would make him 62 years old. As for his onscreen son Micah, his birth year is thought to be either 1978, making him 45.The age gap between the actors is approximately 17 years, but the soap hasn't confirmed how old George was when he fathered Junior, reports the Mirror.

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