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Amblin to Adapt Walter Mosley’s ‘Easy Rawlins’ Books for TV

Mónica Marie Zorrilla Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins will be sleuthing his way back to the screen. Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television has closed a deal to develop and produce a television series adapted from Walter Mosley’s bestselling gritty historical fiction mystery series starring Rawlins, one of literature’s most popular Black investigators.The drama, based on Mosley’s fifteen novels and collection of short stories centered on the WWII army veteran turned hard-boiled private eye, will be set in 1950’s Los Angeles.

Per the logline, the show will honor the great traditions of storytelling in the detective genre, while also exploring the racial inequities and social injustice experienced by BIPOC and other non-white people. “Stomp the Yard”.

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