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‘3 Body Problem’ Proves Why TV Needs More Women in STEM

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Tiana DeNicola editor While numerous leading women representing scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians (STEM) have graced the screen throughout cinematic history, those pale in comparison to their male counterparts.

Netflix’s “3 Body Problem” challenged this gender disparity and came out on top, dominating the charts for weeks. According to Luminate, “3 Body Problem” has more than 3 billion minutes watched since its March release and spent seven weeks in Netflix’s Global Top 10.

While the show features successful women in STEM, it’s worth noting Liu Cixin’s book, “The Three-Body Problem,” did not originally include strong female scientists like Jin Cheng (Jess Hong) and Auggie Salazar (Eiza González).

The book centers on a male protagonist, Wang Miao. Thankfully, the TV show adaptation chose to diversify its storyline by featuring female characters in STEM roles, moving away from a predominantly male-centric narrative.

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