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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler ‘Restless Leg’ review: Can’t miss greatest hits

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Amy Poehler was also bestowed with a “Best Of.” However, her cast mate and co-anchor on Weekend Update Tina Fey never had one produced in her honor.Thankfully, the duo’s excellent ongoing ‘Restless Leg Tour’ rectifies that unfortunate slight.Currently running at New York City’s Beacon Theatre for an extended residency — which includes a likely to be packed Valentine’s Day show — the pair flex all their comedic muscles over the course of an airtight 90-minute show.It’s like a live “Best Of” but…better.

A “Better Of?” Yeah, that feels right.Without spoiling too much (there’s so much good stuff), here’s our rundown of the comedic team’s live show along with a few of our favorite lines from the oft-uproarious night.Before Fey and Poehler took the stage, burgeoning star Zarna Garg kicked off the night with a barn-burning 15-minute set.Garg, a mother of three, joked about her family, reality TV and immigrating to America.“This may come as a shock to some of you, but I am an immigrant,” she began.

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