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The Benefits of Eating Flaxseeds Every Day Are Kind of Incredible

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eating flaxseeds tops the list. These little seeds are accessible, inexpensive, and ridiculously good for you—and, best of all, they don't even have to be cooked.According to experts, flaxseed is as close to a genuine superfood as it gets. “These tiny seeds are the unsung hero of the plant world,” explains registered and certified dietary nutritionist of . “They're a nutritional powerhouse.”That may sound hyperbolic, but it’s the truth: multiple well-conducted studies have found that eating flaxseeds may have a number of benefits, among them and , as well as , obesity, and diabetes.

Eating flaxseed might even ease , which—among its many other nuisances—can often include . But the appeal doesn't end there: Flaxseeds are so filled with nutrients that, recently, influencers have even been using them in DIY beauty treatments for their skin and hair. “This is Botox that you make at home,” proclaims. “And the best part is, it’s two ingredients: flaxseeds and water.

It works as a natural shampoo as well.”While comparing flaxseed to Botox might be a stretch, there’s no doubt that the tiny seeds do have many transformative properties, especially .

But what exactly are flaxseeds, how should you use them, and how do they specifically benefit your health? Read on to find out what the experts recommend.Flaxseed is exactly what it sounds like: the seed of a plant called flax.

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