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Nintendo Will Honor Gay Partnerships Even When Japan Won’t
Video game creator Nintendo will recognize people in same-sex relationships, just as they had recognized “traditional marriages” — even when the country of Japan doesn’t.Last week the $95 billion company released its corporate social responsibility initiatives (CSRI) with one thing standing out.In the “Introduction of a Partnership System” portion of the CSRI, reports Go Nintendo, Nintendo restated that as of March 2021, the company has had a policy where  “same-sex partners” will have the “same benefits as employees in an opposite-sex marriage.”This policy contrasts with the legal battle ongoing in Japan to get same-sex couples recognized by law. Attempts at national and municipal legal changes have been made, but nothing has come from it. In a recent case on June 20 in Osaka, it was found that “under the constitution, the definition of marriage did not extend to partnerships between people of the same gender.” This effectively bans same-sex marriage in the country.Nintendo’s statement reads simply that if you are in a “common law” marriage, you will be granted the same rights as “traditional” couples.“Although same-sex marriages are not currently recognized under Japanese law, this system ensures employees who are in a domestic partnership with a same-sex partner have the same benefits as employees in an opposite-sex marriage,” the policy reads.
‘Fire Emblem Fates’ is leaving the Nintendo eShop in February 2023
Nintendo has provided an update on the upcoming Wii U and 3DS purchase closures, with Fire Emblem Fates to go off-sale earlier than store sales themselves.After announcing the two consoles would see their online stores slowly wind down until early 2023, Nintendo has today (July 19) provided an update on the eShop closures, including some news about 3DS title Fire Emblem Fates.According to the July 2022 update page, eShop sales of Fire Emblem Fates will end on February 28, 2023, one month before purchases will no longer be available on 3DS on March 27, 2023.Nintendo also clarified that the downloadable content for Fire Emblem Fates, including story paths only accessible after the player has completed Chapter Six in the game, will still be available on the 3DS eShop until March 27, 2023.The rest of the post confirms what Nintendo already made clear earlier in the year, that after March 2023 players will no longer be able to make purchases on the Wii U and 3DS eShops, with some content like game demos and free content disappearing too. That said, already purchased games and DLC will be available for download after the store purchases closures.When the closures were first announced, Nintendo addressed the removal of another way to purchase classic games on its platforms, after being asked asked about them in a now-deleted question and answer segment:“Across our Nintendo Switch Online membership plans, over 130 classic games are currently available in growing libraries for various legacy systems.
Nintendo says it has increased security following 2020 “gigaleak”
Nintendo “gigaleak” back in 2020, which saw a vast amount of stolen data leaked onto the internet including prototype versions of classic Nintendo titles and N64 games, Nintendo has suggested it increased its security measures to prevent anything similar happening in the future.The massive data breach saw titles such as Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Yoshi’s Island and even some unreleased titles leaked onto the internet.It also reportedly contained confidential internal documentation regarding Nintendo DS, Wii and the China-exclusive iQue amongst other consoles, showing the systems’ working processes and the development processes that led to their creation and maintenance.According to Video Games Chronicle, the leak was suspected to come from iQue, the Chinese brand created to release Nintendo content, as well as BroadOn, a third-party company contracted by Nintendo to develop hardware and software for the Wii console.Until now, Nintendo had not made an official statement or response in relation to the massive leak, but on Tuesday (June 28) they referred to the incident in response to a question asked at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Japan.質問5中国ビジネスについて任天堂はIQueブランドを使っていたが、最近はテンセントと提携している。IQueが情報漏えいのもとになったのではないかという意見もある。情報漏えいのリスクマネージメントに聞きたい。— あれっくす (@NStyles) June 29, 2022Twitter user NStyles has kindly transcribed the meeting and when using the social media platform’s in-built translation feature from Japanese to English, we can garner that Nintendo was asked during the meeting where it stands on iQue, especially when it is considered that “some people believe that iQue may have been the source of information leaks”.In response, Nintendo president
E3 2022 has been cancelled entirely
ESA) has confirmed that E3 2022 has been completely cancelled, with no digital or physical event planned.The news was first shared via Razer PR lead Will Powers yesterday (March 31), who said that he had received an email stating “E3 digital is [officially] cancelled for 2022.”Since then, the ESA has released a statement confirming that the event will not take place in either a physical or digital format in 2022, though “E3 will return in 2023 with a reinvigorated showcase that celebrates new and exciting video games and industry innovations.”“We will devote all our energy and resources to delivering a revitalised physical and digital E3 experience next summer. Whether enjoyed from the show floor or your favourite devices, the 2023 showcase will bring the community, media, and industry back together in an all-new format and interactive experience,” reads the statement, which added that E3 2023 will – as usual – be hosted in Los Angeles.Earlier in the year, the ESA confirmed that an in-person event for E3 2022 was cancelled due to “the ongoing health risks surrounding COVID-19 and its potential impact on the safety of exhibitors and attendees.”The showcase has been up in the air since then, as the ESA declined to comment on whether the physical event would be hosted digitally as it has been in recent years.Though E3 may be cancelled, it doesn’t mean that summer 2022 will be devoid of gaming news.
‘Kirby And The Forgotten Land’ developer plans to “explore new genres”
Kirby And The Forgotten Land may impact the future of the pink sphere’s franchise.In a recent interview with The Washington Post, a few members of the team at HAL Laboratory and Nintendo talked about what the jump to complete 3D could mean for the series, and how that shift in design has inspired change throughout the franchise.“We brought Kirby to the 3D action/platformer genre along with the series’ iconic elements, including the nonstop, feel-good action and excitement,” said Kei Nonimiya of Nintendo’s EPD division.“We also incorporated elements that challenge advanced players while still maintaining playability. I feel that what we achieved in this game has opened up more possibilities for future Kirby titles.”“We hope to continue this momentum and explore new genres and new ways to play in the future,” Nonimiya added.Whilst 3D is new for Kirby, a point was made of how it will not necessarily be the “standard going forward,” according to HAL Laboratory’s Shinya Kumazaki.“We will continue to explore via trial and error and not just limit ourselves to 3D […] it could be considered an important “milestone” in the long history of the series,” they added.Kirby And The Forgotten Land first caught people’s eyes when it showed off the new “Mouthful Mode,” which sees Kirby essentially wrap himself around objects, from staircases to cars and cones.The developers wanted to make sure it was always obvious what Kirby had inhaled, with particular attention brought to how the bottom of the car peeks out from underneath the affectionately fan-named Karby, or how the stairs outline is incredibly obvious just due to the shape.
‘The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’ fan-developed PC port launches
PC port of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time has finally been released. Brought over from the Nintendo 64 by Harbour Masters, the PC version of Ocarina Of Time can be downloaded from the group’s Discord server here. Harbour Masters notes that those wanting to play the port must have a legally sourced ROM of the original game, which will allow players to gain access to the fan-made PC version.A short Nintendo-style presentation aired yesterday (March 22) to showcase the Zelda PC port, with the game revealed to include HD graphics, widescreen support, keyboard and controller support, modding support, rumble and gyroscopy.That’s not all, as Harbour Masters also revealed all the features currently in the works for the port, which include text to speech, 60 FPS, twin-stick camera controls, HD models, HD audio, texture packs, Linux and Mac support and more.The PC port showcase can be viewed below:Harbour Masters also asks that players support the official Nintendo emulation of Ocarina Of Time on Nintendo Switch via the Expansion Pack service, adding that those who prove their membership to Nintendo Switch Online will receive a special role in the Harbour Masters Discord.A GitHub page for the PC port should also help those trying to get the game working, alongside the aforementioned Ship of Harkinian Discord server.Harbour Masters also said in January of this year that the Ocarina Of Time PC port was almost complete, and added that it would be available and finished by around April 1.