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EastEnders fans mock Phil Mitchell's brutal attack on Jonah which leaves rival unharmed

EastEnders fans were left bemused and amused after hardman Phil Mitchell battered Jonah Tyler – without his "made of steel" rival appearing to have suffered any injuries. Monday's (October 3) episode of the BBC soap saw criminal Jonah calling Sam Mitchell to demand money as the pair continued dodgy dealings behind bad-boy Phil's back.

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EastEnders fans are convinced Alfie Moon is hiding a secret lover as he vows to win back ex Kat Slater.Alfie turned up on the soap this week just hours before Kat was set to wed Phil Mitchell, ultimately ruining their wedding and stirring up trouble between the pair.On tonight’s episode, as Alfie spent the day with Kat and their kids before vowing to hit the road, he returned and planted a surprise kiss on Kat, vowing to win her back before she ties the know with Phil.READ MORE:EastEnders Big Mo star's life - Famous brother, life saved by co-star and stripping offBut fans are convinced Alfie is hiding a big secret after a mysterious phone call led viewers to believe he has a secret lover.Alfie was seen informing a mystery person on the other end of the line of his decision to stay put in Walford.The unidentified caller relayed a message to him from this mystery woman, and he told the caller to tell this person that he ‘loves’ her.Fans immediately began theorizing about who the woman is, believing Alfie is likely up to his old tricks, or even hiding another child. “Oh Alfie, now is that another woman, or a little daughter I wonder?*! #Eastenders ” “Bloody hell Alfie’s got a secret love hasn’t he of course has! Stay clear Kat!!”Others believed he was still in a relationship with Hayler Slater, the mother of his daughter Cherry.“I bet you Alfie is still with Hayley,” predicted one viewer.