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New spinout from university set to disrupt global sensor industry

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A new establishment from University of the West of Scotland (UWS) is set to disrupt the thin film and sensor industry – currently valued at more than £2.5 billion globally.AlbaSense, based within UWS’s Institute of Thin Films, Sensors and Imaging (ITFSI), is the third company from the University and will develop low-cost, high-performance thin film optical coatings and photonic sensors, using exclusive patented processes.Thin films form a key component in applications including autonomous photonic-based gas sensors, medical devices such as breath analysers, non-contact thermometers, and advanced imaging systems.Professor Des Gibson, AlbaSense founder and a pioneer in thin film deposition and photonic sensor technology, said: “AlbaSense is the result of world-class research and expertise, combined with previous industry experience, which has led to the identification of fundamental market needs for lower cost, thin film and sensor technology. Don't miss the latest headlines from around Renfrewshire.

Sign up to our newsletters here. “We aim to provide imaging and sensor solutions in a range of areas where miniaturised high-volume, low-cost measurement is required, such as medical diagnostics, agritech, environmental monitoring and monitoring of industrial processes.“I am delighted that AlbaSense will design, develop and manufacture from within UWS’s Institute of Thin Films, Sensors and Imaging, allowing the company to retain the wide range of skills and academic expertise on offer at the University, while bringing strong

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