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MAFS' Chanita reveals behind-the-scenes secrets including no alcohol 'rule'

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Chanita Stephenson said 'I do' to a complete stranger and quickly became a fan-favourite on last year's Married at First Sight.The 30-year-old was coupled with Jordan Emmett-Connelly but their relationship sadly wasn't meant to be, however, the star did admit she made some lasting friendships.

Now, OK! columnist Chanita has spilled the beans on some secrets behind the show, including exactly what goes on during those hen parties.

The former social worker told us that despite it appearing like contestants are letting loose and downing shots, it's in fact only water in those glasses. "One thing that really made me laugh was the hen night, especially when they were all doing shots.There's no way alcohol was in that glass, we filmed ours using water," Chanita commented on while watching the latest series.

However, that isn't the only secret that Chanita gave away as she also admitted to OK! that each contestant gets a budget when planning their dream wedding outfit. "You get a budget, everyone gets a budget, the brides and the grooms - the brides get more than the grooms - and from that, you have to find a wedding dress. "Don't get me wrong, the budget's not the best and especially with the cost of wedding dresses, because they are expensive so you do what you can and, like I said, you have to go buy a wedding dress off the shelf," she laughed. "Within that budget, that includes your wedding dress and your bridesmaids. "My bridesmaids got their own dresses and I put a bit towards it, but mainly because the wedding dress is so expensive, it all goes on that." But it's not only that aspect that might come as a surprise to viewers, but the entire day itself is kept in the dark too.

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