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Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Big Steppers’ Tour Takes Performance Art to New Heights: Concert Review

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Taiyo Coates In the decades since hip-hop’s conception, artists have taken transformative steps when it comes to communicating stories.

While the genre has invariably been tethered to innovation and multiple mediums, the scale of performance has been slower to evolve.

For years, less is more was the formula when it came to the live show: a rapper, DJ and hype-man were the go-to trifecta. Today, Kendrick Lamar demonstrates how far hip-hop has come with his ongoing “The Big Steppers Tour” — performance art at its pinnacle.Before Kendrick Lamar and PgLang took the stage in Washington D.C.

on Thursday night (August 4), Tanna Leone and Baby Keem, both members of the PgLang team, set it using dramatically different visuals.

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