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This old Idris Elba action thriller is number one on Netflix UK
Idris Elba and Richard Madden has topped the Netflix UK film chart.Bastille Day, directed and co-written by James Watkins, was released on the streaming service this week and has quickly become a hit on the platform. In the US, the film is titled The Take.An official synopsis reads: “After a mix-up lands him in hot water, skilled pickpocket Michael Mason (Madden) is forced to help a no-nonsense CIA operative (Elba) track a terrorist group in Paris.”Other cast members include Charlotte Le Bon, Kelly Reilly, Jose Garcia, Thierry Godard, Anatol Yusef, Eriq Ebouaney and Arieh Worthalter.When it was released in 2016, Bastille Day received a mixed reception from critics, with the film earning a 48 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes.Gonna check out BASTILLE DAY because Netflix keeps putting it in my face whenever I start up that app and I'm too weak to think for myself— Jon Ẉalmsley (@ArghZombies) July 19, 2023Watched a great thing on Netflix last night with Iris Elba, Bastille Day.It was really good actually.— TFRM (@Bondson007) July 20, 2023The star appeal of Elba and Madden, however, is likely attracting Netflix subscribers to the film. Earlier this year, the former starred in Luther: The Fallen Sun.