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'I repeated my Tesco big shop exactly five years on and felt sick at the INSANE price jump'

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Unless you've been hiding in a cave for the last few years, then you'll be all too aware that supermarket prices have risen.

While previously you may have chucked a few extra things in the basket or trolley without much thought, many shoppers are now having to pay a lot more attention to what they're spending.

Big brands have gone out of the window for some and others have changed their supermarket altogether. Mine was always Tesco, partly because I could always get a delivery slot and would make the most of its Clubcard, both for the offers and for saving up the points. Useful to know in tough times: But my big shops there have been less frequent these days, largely because I've been shopping around as part of my cost of living articles, but I do still get the occasional one - albeit with different products given some of the hikes we've seen. Join our FREE Manchester Family WhatsApp group by clicking here This week I decided to repeat a big shop I did exactly five years ago to see exactly how much things have risen.

I expected some increases, but the difference in the bill was astonishing - and to see it in black and white made me feel sick.

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