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Drew Barrymore Brought Back Her 'Charlie's Angels' Blonde and Looks Exactly the Same 20 Years Later

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, but Charlie's Angels starring Drew Barrymore, , and made an emphatic impact on me as a child.The film hit theaters in 2000, just as I was entering puberty in the most awkward of ways.

I was starting a new school far from all my friends and was feeling all the Feelings and Rage that comes with that and being a Still, something about the movie made my adolescent self feel seen.

And laugh, of course.To me , Diaz, and were the coolest, badass, and most beautiful women in the world, and the reveal that they weren't cool in their youth made me feel much better about my state at the time.

They were exactly who I wanted to be when I grew up. Obviously, I didn't end up an international…spy? Detective? Wait, what were they?

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