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‘Cobweb’ Review: Song Kang-ho Stars in Kim Jee-woon’s Frantic, Flimsy Moviemaking Meta-Farce

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Jessica Kiang Director Kim Ki-yeol (Song Kang-ho) only needs two more days of reshoots to craft a new ending to his latest film, and it will no longer be the trashy potboiler everyone thought he was making.

It will be, he declares frequently, “A masterpiece!” Director Kim Jee-woon does not seem to harbor similar aspirations for his meta-movie “Cobweb” — his loosest, least substantial and most slapdash film in quite some time — though it’s safe to say the gulf between it and masterpiece status is a little wider than a two-day reshoot could possibly bridge.

A film containing another film; a filmmaker referring to the trials of a filmmaker: It’s a movie of many layers, all of them garish and goofy, none of them great.

That’s an assessment that would no doubt cut Ki-yeol to the quick, because, as played with typically raffish charm by the “Parasite” star, he certainly dreams of greatness.

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