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Clare Crawley Emotionally Reveals Why Her Mom Couldn't Come to Her Wedding

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Clare Crawley's mom wasn't able to be there on her wedding day. The 42-year-old former Bachelorette revealed on the latest episode of iHeartRadio's  that her mom, Lilia, who battles Alzheimer's disease and dementia, was not at her February wedding to Ryan Dawkins.«I wanted to get married in Mexico.

We both found this spot in Mexico. We were like, 'This is our spot. We're going to have this big celebration,'» Crawley said. «I'd been waiting forever to get married.»The reality of Crawley's mom's health hit her then, as Lilia is «in the late stages» of dementia.«I always wanted to get married June 21.

It's summer solstice. I was like, 'What if she doesn't make it to June 21?'» Crawley said. «She ended up getting really sick [in the] end of January.

And so I said, 'Let's have a mini little wedding because she won't be able to make it to Mexico anyway. A little mini wedding just for her.

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