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Britney Spears Calls Out Bullying in Viral Meme, Compares the Clip to Her Conservatorship Experience

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Britney Spears is calling out the darker undertones of a viral meme. The 41-year-old Princess of Pop took to Instagram to re-share a video clip of a young girl who has an egg cracked on her forehead as part of a prank.

She first shared the meme a month ago, writing that the girl involved is “too adorable” and that she wanted to “pick her up and kiss her little face so fast” since she appeared to be upset by and confused about the joke.

On Monday (September 18), Britney reshared the meme and reflected on how it compared to her life experiences with her conservatorship. Read more about Britney Spears… Britney reposted the clip, writing in the caption that the girl should have “slapped the s-it out of” everyone involved.

Taking to her story, the hitmaker pointed out that the video seemed more ominous and cruel when watched without audio. “For me, it feels darker … similar things have been done to me so I look at this with different eyes,” Britney explained. “Most of my inner conflict with people is knowing the enemy is right in front of me but I kept them because I loved them !!!” She continued, writing, “I’m extremely sensitive to anybody laughing at someone or bullying in any way !!!” In regards to her own experiences, she alluded to eventually sharing everything that happened behind the scenes. “There’s so much I’ve kept private that’s gone on with me personally and maybe one day I can let people know … until then, there’s 3 sides to every story !!!

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