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The 'Summer House' Season 6 Reunion Trailer Is Here!
 audience, the personal trailer shows up and shows out in the first look at the season 6 reunion, jumping right in with his unfiltered thoughts on what all unfolded on the show. He doesn't hold back his opinion when it comes to star Austen Kroll's chokehold on/love triangle with Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller, telling them, «I don't understand why you're fighting so much for, literally, the Honda Civic of male attractiveness.» Alex, Lindsay, Ciara and their housemates — Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo, Carl Radke, Danielle Olivera, Luke Gulbranson, Mya Allen and Andrea Denver — sit down with host Andy Cohen for some hot takes and cold-shoulder moments… and some that maybe count as both? For instance, Paige addresses Lindsay's «Hot Hubbs Summer» approach to dating with the line, «I don't care who you deem worthy to be inside of you.» That catches Lindsay's boyfriend, Carl's, attention, as he gets into a bit of a spat with Paige (who he's hooked up with in the past) that ends with Paige exclaiming, «What did do this summer?!» Paige also gets some awkward laughter from Andy and the group after the  host points out how she hasn't looked Lindsay, who is seated right next to her, in the eye at all during the taping.