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Brit family's £3,000 dream trip to Disneyland shattered after passport disaster

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reports.They applied for passports for both their daughters in February, plenty of time to allow for the 5-7 week waiting period for a new passport.But the family were confused when only one passport arrived four weeks later, with the other one nowhere to be seen.To make matters worse, just weeks before they were due to fly they discovered that EasyJet had cancelled their return flight.With only two weeks left before the trip, the couple made the decision to cancel the holiday so that they could get their £3,000 back.Stuart said: "We had been taking our daughter for her fifth birthday, and had applied for the passports at the start of February."We ordered both of our daughters passports at the same time and then had them verified by the same person at the same time. "For some reason they accepted one and not the other because you can't use the same person to verify twice, but we phoned up and they said it was fine and to apply again and they'd put a note on the file.

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